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70% Silicon Carbide--Used in Steelmaking

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70% Silicon Carbide--Used in Steelmaking

Silicon carbide with a content of 70% is mainly used in the steel industry as an auxiliary material for increasing silicon, increasing carbon, reducing the amount of alloy and deoxidizing steel. 70% silicon carbide has a low content and is a third-grade silicon carbide. Its main components are: silicon, carbon, free carbon, and impurities. It has become one of the indispensable materials in metallurgical steelmaking.

Advantages: Silicon carbide can significantly reduce the amount of alloy used (ferrosilicon, carburizer, deoxidizer) during the smelting process. In the actual test, a 3-ton intermediate frequency furnace was used as an example; steel type: ductile iron, 30 kilograms of ferrosilicon per ton of steel. , the secondary inoculation of silicon particles is about 5-10 kg. After using 80% silicon carbide balls produced by our company, the amount of ferrosilicon is reduced to 20 kg, and the amount of silicon particles is maintained at about 5 kg. And the oxygen content is low, so there is no need to use a large amount of carburizing agent for carburizing operations.

Disadvantages: 70-content silicon carbide has high impurities, large dust and low absorption rate. During actual use, the purchasing department did not actually calculate its dosage and loss rate. The low price cannot effectively improve its production cost. .

0-10mm, 1-10mm During the blanking process: fans and heat loss impurities more or less affect the quality of the steel. And adulterated silicon carbide is not included in the calculation. One of the reasons why the actual use process is that the consumption is huge and the cost remains high.

Silicon carbide can play a decisive role in the process of casting, steelmaking, and iron casting, but choosing the right product can bring practical benefits to the enterprise.

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