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China's Export Price of Calcium Silicon Fells

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China's Export Price of Calcium Silicon Fells

Due to the increase in supply, the current export price of Chinese silicon-calcium 30-55 is $1,360-1,410 / ton, down $20 / ton from the beginning of last week, and the spot market is rarely traded. Given the relatively low production costs in China's production areas, industry insiders believe that China's export price of calcium and silicon will continue to decline in the coming week.

"My current export quotation for si-ca 30-55 is 1,360 us dollars/ton China offshore 7-day wire transfer, which is down 20 us dollars/ton early last week, but no deal has been done this week," a producer in Inner Mongolia said on Wednesday. "Earlier this week a Korean customer offer $1350 / ton port of busan to purchase 100 tons, quote us the bottom price, I gave him his choice to delay purchasing, because China's price in a downward trend at present," he said, he went to South Korea's exports of 100 tons, at the end of October to clinch a deal price is $1385 / ton cif, containing eight dollars/tons of freight, another sale is in early October, clinch a deal the price is $1380 / ton in China offshore. Their inventories are now up 200 tonnes from mid-october as demand from steel mills has shrunk. He pointed out that although the increase in electricity costs increased their production costs by 200 yuan/ton to 9,500 yuan/ton, there is still room for the price of calcium and silicon to fall, because there is sufficient inventory, and the export price of calcium and silicon from China will continue to fall to $1,350 / ton offshore China in the coming week.

The producer, which has an annual capacity of 16,800 tons and produced 1,200 tons in October, is expected to remain unchanged in November and has about 500 tons in inventory. They have a total 30,000kva stove, which will produce 14,000 tons in 2018 and 10,000 tons in the first 10 months of 2019. A producer in ningxia said he exported 80 tons at the beginning of the week at a 30-day wire transfer price of $1,400 a ton from China offshore, down $20 a ton from the start of last week's deal. "Due to our mid-october technical upgrade, production in November is expected to be up 30% from October, so we lowered prices slightly this week," said the producer, who last ordered 50 metric tons at $1,420 a ton at the end of October. He added that Brazilian suppliers were receiving fewer inquiries from overseas as their prices fell. He pointed out that their production cost was $1,339 a ton, a little lower than the current price. He thinks the price of the product still has room to fall, and the price could fall to $1,380 a ton in the next week due to weak demand.

The producer, which has an annual capacity of 43,500 tons, produced 2,800 tons in October and is expected to grow to 3,500 tons in November. It now holds 1,000 tons of inventory. They have three 30,000kva furnaces and are all in production. The plant completed production of 34,000 tons in 2018 and 25,000 tons in january-october 2019.

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