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Chinese Silicon Metal Overseas Customer Purchase Intention Is Low

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Chinese Silicon Metal Overseas Customer Purchase Intention Is Low

Due to the increased procurement costs, the export price of Chinese silicon metal has increased significantly, and most overseas customers are reluctant to purchase at present. At present, the mainstream transaction price of silicon 5-5-3 export in the Chinese market rose to $1,450-1,480 / ton without tax offshore, up $15 / ton from last week.

Due to the rare transactions, industry insiders believe that the next week China's silicon export prices will stabilize. "Many of our overseas customers have stopped purchasing this month because of the increased procurement costs and the rising export price of silicon," said a trader in shaanxi province. "we did not receive any inquiries this week. Most customers are on the sidelines." Their silicon 5-5-3 quotation is $1,490 / ton offshore without tax, and they can accept a counter-offer of up to $10 / ton. The lowest price they could accept at the beginning of last week was $1,460 / ton. They last sold 40 tons of silicon late last month for $1,450 a ton. The Chinese market silicon 5-5-3 is up 300 yuan per ton from the beginning of last week, so they have to raise the price as well. He expects Chinese silicon export prices to remain stable in the coming week due to the lack of volume. The trader's regular monthly trade volume of silicon metal is 200 tons. Currently, there is no inventory. The sales volume is expected to be about 100 tons in November, down 100 tons from the previous month. "Our customers say they are not willing to place orders at the moment because the price of silicon has gone up a lot in the last two weeks. We haven't even received any inquiries since the beginning of last week, "said one trader in chongqing. The current quotation of 5-5-3 for silicon metal is usd 1,480 / ton without tax and fob, and they cannot accept a lower price. The lowest price they accepted last week was $1,450 a ton. He added that clients had been persuaded to place orders to avoid further price rises in the future, as they had built up inventory when prices were low, so it was in their interest to do so. He believes that other traders will make very little profit if they need to purchase spot stocks for new orders. Some traders want to sell him some spot stocks, so he believes the price of silicon will not continue to rise. Because of the light volume, he expects China's silicon export prices will stabilize next week. The trader, which trades 200 tons a month regularly, now has 200 tons of inventory and expects sales of about 150 tons in November, unchanged from the previous month.

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