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Fuzhou Has Launched A City-wide Crackdown on Illegal Mining of Rare Earths

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-16      Origin: Site

On September 29, the people's government of fuzhou issued "a notice on printing and distributing a special campaign plan to crack down on illegal mining of rare earths in the whole city". According to the notice, fuzhou city will be initiated under the notice to the end of December throughout the city to carry out the prospecting and exploitation to crack down on illegal mines rectification action, through to carry out rectification, of rare earth ore prospecting and exploitation to investigate and punish the illegal ACTS in accordance with the law, firmly ban illegal exploration and drilling, comprehensive development of rare earth mining area ecological environment protection and the recovery treatment, and establish long-term effective mechanism of perfect regulation, effective protection and rational utilization of mineral resources.

The circular calls for strengthening the management of the approval of rare earth mining rights. Except under special circumstances, we will continue to suspend the acceptance of applications for registration of exploration and exploitation of new rare earth mines, and further tighten control over the examination and approval of rare earth mining rights. We will severely crack down on illegal and illegal activities of illegally mining, processing and selling rare earths and other special types of protected mining. Resolutely ban unlicensed exploration and mining of rare earth mines; We will work actively to restore and improve the environment in mines.

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