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Prices of Electrolytic Manganese Flake in China Stabilized

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Prices of Electrolytic Manganese Flake in China Stabilized

Although current domestic electrolytic manganese demand is weak, but guangxi earthquake event lets a few big plant output is reduced greatly, by this event support, domestic manganese plant has no intention to further reduce the price. This Thursday, China electrolytic manganese 99.7%min mainstream trading price

Grid is 10,700-10,900 yuan/ton ex-factory cash, the same as this Wednesday. It is expected that the 99.7%min price of electrolytic manganese in China will remain stable in the coming week.

A producer in southern China said it was offering 99.7 percent min of electrolytic manganese at 10,800 yuan per ton in ex-factory cash and could accept a counter-offer of 100 yuan per ton, unchanged from the start of the week. The manufacturer traded 100 tons at 10,700 yuan per ton on Thursday, down 100 yuan per ton from the price of 180 tons shipped yesterday. "We have more than 15 days of stock because of weak downstream demand, which puts pressure on us. But affected by the earthquake, guangxi dache production cut 80%, the current electrolytic manganese market has some support. With that in mind, he expects China electrolytic manganese prices to stabilize 99 per cent min in the coming week.

The producer has an annual capacity of about 30,000 tons of electrolytic manganese at 99.7%min, and last month's output was about 2,100 tons. This month's output is expected to be about 1,800 tons, and the current inventory is about 1,000 tons. In 2018, the annual output of the company is about 19,400 tons for 99.7%min of electrolytic manganese, and in 2019, the current output is about 16,500 tons.

A trader in east China revealed that the lowest offer they received for 99.7%min of electrolytic manganese was 10,700 yuan/ton in ex-factory cash, unchanged from the beginning of this week. As this month's order purchase plan was completed over the weekend, they have no intention to continue ordering. The trader purchased 120 tons at 10,750 yuan/ton last weekend, down 50 yuan/ton from the 200 tons purchased at the beginning of last week. "After this week's earthquake in guangxi, the output of 99.7 per cent of electrolytic manganese per day in some major plants was reduced from 510 tonnes per day to 100 tonnes per day," he added. "although the impact on the spot market is limited, domestic producers are psychologically more inclined to use this to boost prices." With this in mind, he expects China electrolytic manganese 99.7%min prices to remain stable in the coming week.

The trader dianjiemeng 99.7%min regular monthly trade volume of about 500 tons, last month's sales volume of about 500 tons, this month's month-on-month flat, no inventory at present. In 2018, the trading volume of electrolytic manganese 99.7%min is about 6,000 tons, and the current sales volume in 2019 is about 5,200 tons.

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