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Silicon Metal

Views: 10000005     Author: david      Publish Time: 2023-03-30      Origin: www.yf-alloy.com

Silicon Metal

The price of Silicon metal is increasing rapidly in Chinese market.<br><br>

Due to the increase of sales volume, Silicon metal producers are keen to raise prices to ensure profits. At present, the mainstream price of Silicon metal 5-5-3 in the Chinese market rises to 10,600-10,800 yuan/ton, which is 400 yuan/ton higher than last week. Given weak overall demand, insiders expect Silicon metal price to hold steady in the coming week. A manufacturer in sichuan said, "our current quotation for silicon metal 5-5-3 is 10,800 yuan/ton, which is 400 yuan/ton higher than the beginning of last week. Last week sales were up about 150 tonnes." Their last sale was last weekend, when they sold nearly 64 tons for 10,800 yuan. The manufacturer added that its sales were going well and traders were buying actively. Downstream consumers in northern China made collective purchases early last week. Given weak downstream demand, they are happy with current prices. They expect Silicon metal prices to remain stable in the coming week. The producer has an annual capacity of 17,300 tons and currently no inventory. Currently operating two 12,500kva furnaces, it is expected to produce about 1,400 tons in September, unchanged from last week. The local electricity price is 0.35 yuan/KWH. Producing a ton of silicon metal consumes 13,000 KWH. "Our current quotation for silicon 5-5-3 is 10,900 yuan/ton, 500 yuan/ton higher than last week, and we accept a counteroffer of 100 yuan/ton for old customers. Our last sale was yesterday, when we sold nearly 100 tons for 10,800 yuan per ton, "a producer in yunnan said, adding that their profits were thin in July and the year would not end unprofitable. They received about 200 tons more orders this week than before. Given weak overall demand, they expect silicon prices to hold steady in the coming week. The manufacturer has an annual capacity of 69,000 tons and currently no inventory. The current operation of seven of the eight 12,5000kva furnaces is expected to produce 4,800 tons in September, unchanged from the

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