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Metal silicon product application/metal silicon use

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Metal silicon product application/metal silicon use

                                                                                                                          Silicon Metal 97

        Currently in the smelting process of aluminum ingots and special steel, the use of silicon metal 97# as a smelting material has become to normal. Silicon metal 97# is also called the off-grade silicon and industrial silicon, which is a non-ferrous alloy additive. Usually,the main raw materials required for the production of silicon metal 97# are silica and semi-choke,which are made by heating and smelting the raw materials in an electric furnace. Silicon metal 97# is rich in silicon, up to 98.99%, so it can play a better role in the production of aluminum ingots and special steel. Using high quality silicon metal 97# can improve the aluminum ingot process and provide a better guarantee for product quality. In the production of some special steel, silicon metal 97# can bring better experience. How to produce high-quality silicon metal 97# is a problem that JBT constantly to research and break through, from the selection of raw materials to the strict production process, all of that have professional staff to control. It has always been our mission to provide customers with high-quality silicon metal 97# and make the production process better guaranteed.


      Silicon metal 97# is the smelting material which is widely used in the smelting of aluminum ingot and special steel at present. It is a kind of good non-iron base alloy additive. The content of silicon metal 97# produced by JBT is as high as 99.99%. The shape of natural block, standard block, granule, powder and so on can be customized according to customer requirements. It can be used as high quality additive in aluminum ingot and special steel smelting by taking advantage of its rich silicon content inside.

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