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Alloys Silicon Balls

Alloy silicon balls are commonly used silicon-based alloy additives in the alloy preparation process. They are usually in the form of spherical particles and consist of a high proportion of silicon elements. They can be used as deoxidizers and reducers. During the steelmaking process, alloy silicon balls react with oxygen, reducing it to gaseous form, thereby reducing the oxygen content and improving the purity and quality of the steel. The presence of silicon increases the hardness, strength, and wear resistance of the steel. By controlling the amount of alloy silicon balls added, specific performance requirements of the steel can be met. Additionally, the addition of alloy silicon balls can improve the fluidity and wetting ability of the steel, facilitating smooth operation and uniform distribution of the molten steel during the smelting process. Alloy silicon balls exhibit good thermal stability, allowing them to operate effectively in high-temperature environments. Their inclusion enhances smelting efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and lowers production costs, ultimately improving the efficiency and quality of steel production.
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Introduction to Ferrosilicon Balls

Ferrosilicon balls are made of ferrosilicon powder by machine pressing. They have the same function as ferrosilicon. They are indispensable deoxidizers and alloying agents in the steelmaking process. They can effectively increase the furnace temperature and increase the fluidity of molten iron. Effectively remove slag and improve the toughness and cutting ability of pig iron and castings. At the same time, the product has uniform particle size, saves fuel during use, has fast melting speed, low price and good effect. It is a substitute for ferrosilicon in smelting pig iron and ordinary casting.


Uses of Ferrosilicon Balls

Ferrosilicon balls are used as deoxidants or alloying agents in the steelmaking industry. Now in order to obtain chemically qualified steel and ensure the quality of the steel, deoxidation must be done in the final stage of smelting steel.

Ferrosilicon balls are made of ferrosilicon powder and ferrosilicon particles through scientific pressing. It is used in steel slag recycling for pig iron, general casting, etc. It can provide a good furnace temperature, increase the fluidity of molten iron, effectively discharge slag, increase the number, and improve the toughness and cutting ability of pig iron and castings.

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