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Silicon Carbide

1. silicon carbide can be used as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material in smelting. 2. silicon carbide can also be used as abrasive, which can be used to manufacture abrasive tools, such as grinding wheels, oil stones, grinding heads, etc. 3. silicon carbide is a new type of reinforced steelmaking deoxidizer and an ideal thermal insulator. It is used for deoxygenation. Using a dose of 14kg/t can reduce power consumption by 15-20kw/h and time by 15-20 minutes per furnace to increase productivity to 8-10%.
  • SIC 88/95/98

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Silicon  Carbide  Description

Silicon carbide is composed of carbon and silicon elements. It has many excellent properties, making it widely used in various fields.

With outstanding high temperature resistance, it can withstand temperatures above 1600°C.

Silicon carbide can be used as a refining agent in the steelmaking process. It provides high-temperature reduction, helping to remove impurities and oxides from the steel, improving its quality and purity.

Specifications Silicon Carbide

       Silicon Carbon

Type %SIC %F.C %Fe2O3 Size
1 SIC 98.5 98.5Min 0.3Max 0.3Max custom
2 SIC 98 98Min 0.3Max 0.3Max
3 SIC 97 97Min 0.3Max 0.4Max
4 SIC 95 95Min 1Max 0.5Max
SIC 90 90Min 2Max 1.2Max
6 SIC 88 88Min 3Max 1.5Max



Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer, It is located in Minhe Industrial Park, Qinghai Province, China. All our clients from home or abroad.

Q2: What is your advantages?

A: We have our own factories , lovely employees and professional production and processing and sales teams. Quality can be guaranteed. We have rich experience in metallurgical steelmaking field.

Q3: Is the price negotiable?

A: Yes, please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any question . And for clients who wants to enlarge market, we will do our best to support.

Q4: Can you supply free samples?

A:Yes, we can supply free samples within 2kg.

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