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CaSi Cored Wire50 28

1. It is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidizable elements and trace elements, reduce smelting cost, shorten smelting time, and accurately control the content of ingredients. 
2. It can purify molten steel and partially change the nature and shape of inclusions, and improve the quality and casting state of molten steel. 
3. Use the cored wire to process the molten steel, the alloy elements react smoothly in the molten steel, which can avoid secondary oxidation. After the reaction, the floating rate of the inclusions is fast, and the purification treatment effect is uniform. 
4. The use of cored wire in steelmaking or cast iron production can avoid bringing gas into molten steel.
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CaSi Cored Wire Description

Core wire technology is a new treatment in secondary steelmaking developed in recent years, alloy core wire can purify the molten steel, change the inclusion form, improve the cast ability of the importantly, it will increase the yield of alloy ,cut down the cost and consumption.

The treatment of melts with cored wire made this technology extremely economical and environmentally friendly to a high degree. The exact adjustmnet of the elements to be introduced into the smelting works inside the required deispersion range can be achieved efficiently with cored wires.

Specifications CaSi Cored Wire

CaSi Cored Wire


% Ca

% Si

% Al


%S %P

50 28

28% min

50-60 Min

2.4 Max

1.0 Max

0.04 Max 0.04 Max

 (1) Wire diameter: 13mm.

 (6) Coil weight: 1000-1400kgs.

 (2) Thickness of the steel:


 (7) Coil width: 600-800mm

(3) Powder contain: 225g/m ±10g/m.  (8) Wire winding: horizontal
(4) Ratio powder/steel: 60/40.  (9) Packing: in steel cages covered with plastic
(5) Wire length: 5000m.
Remark: chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers' requirements.



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Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturer, It is located in Minhe Industrial Park, Qinghai Province,China. All our clients from home or abroad.

Q2: What is your advantages?

A: We have our own factories , lovely employees and professional production and processing and sales teams. Quality can be guaranteed. We have rich experience in metallurgical steelmaking field.

Q3: Is the price negotiable?

A: Yes, please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any question . And for clients who wants to enlarge market, we will do our best to support.

Q4: Can you supply free samples?

A:Yes, we can supply free samples within 2kg.

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